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May 2006

27-home development for McDaniel

At a neighborhood meeting on March 16, Ben Altman of SFA Design Group presented plans to develop 27 homes south of McDaniel Rd. near the intersection of Blackhawk. Homes in Iron Ridge Crossing will be 2800-3500 square feet, and since the area is zoned R9 (9 residential lots to the acre) these detached homes will have very small separate yards.

More than two-thirds of the property is wetland, which will mostly be left alone, except for some necessary sewer hookups and some restoration mandated by Clean Water Services.

113th Street will be extended to McDaniel through the subdivision from its current end in Haydon Highlands north of Rainmont. This will offer an alternate route for many of the drivers who currently use the 113th-Rainmont-111th connection. (See Cedar Mill News 9/04 for background.)
The developer hopes to build only half of the intersection at 113th and McDaniel, leaving the other half to be built by the developer of the adjacent property to the west. County planners have not yet seen plans for Iron Ridge Crossing so there is no word whether this will be allowed.

The developer has been asked to leave enough easement on the McDaniel side to allow McDaniel to add a turn lane that would probably extend from the 113th intersection to the Blackhawk intersection, but the road work is unlikely to happen until at least 2007.

To the west, a 32-lot development called “Iron Ridge Park”has been submitted to the county and approval is pending. A 50-lot development has been proposed for this lot but no plans have been submitted. The two developments are separated by a 6.43 acre lot at 11410 NW McDaniel.
Improvements for McDaniel Rd. are not on the county’s current transportation plan, so when these 100+ homes are finally built it will undoubtedly have a big impact on traffic. Any improvements at this point will be the result of the Conditions of Approval for each project.



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