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February 2006

About that vacant lot…

Many Cedar Mill residents wonder why the lot at the southwest corner of Murray and Cornell has stood vacant for so long. We asked Nick Stanton, representing HSM Pacific, the real estate company selling the lot.

The lot is owned by Conoco-Phillips. There used to be a gas station on the property, and therein lies one of the problems. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality found that the lot was contaminated with oil and gas, a condition common with older stations. Numerous loads of dirt were removed from the land a few years ago, and they’re awaiting the arrival of a “No further action” letter from DEQ. That should solve problem number one.

Another problem lies with the Cedar Mill Town Center Plan, which states: As the properties at the four corners of the intersection of Murray and Cornell redevelop, the new development shall be designed so that buildings are placed at the corner, with parking to the side or behind the building. Each corner building shall be at least two stories or twenty feet high.

In part because there’s no coordinated development plan for the area, very few businesses want to “go first” in developing a two-story mixed-use building at a corner now dominated by the vast parking lots and one-story buildings characteristic of traditional suburban shopping areas. Stanton has had inquiries from several companies that would be happy to put in coffee shops or other small businesses, but few are willing to take the chance that the Town Center will take shape in the near future.

Yet another problem is one of uncertainty – it’s known that the county will take a portion of the property for the Cornell-Murray intersection improvements (see page 3) but nobody knows yet what that piece will look like.

Stanton is working with at least one prospect for the property, which comprises over 15,800 square feet and is offered for sale for $425,000. If you want to snap it up, you can contact Nick Stanton at 503-245-1400.



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