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January 2006

CPO #1 – study topics abound

by Bruce Bartlett, CPO #1 Chairman

Citizen Participation Organizations (CPO) were formed in 1983 as part of Washington County’s response to Oregon’s land use planning Goal #1 – citizen involvement must be included in land use planning actions. Visit the web site www.lcd.state.or.us/LCD/goals.shtml for a description of all 19 statewide planning goals. CPOs are a mechanism to enable participation in the changes that affect our lives and property.

To get involved with your CPO, visit the website extension.oregonstate.edu/washington/cpo. Linda Grey (503-725-2116, Linda.Gray@orst.edu) and Patt Opdyke (503-725-2117, Patt.Opdyke@orst.edu) administer the county-wide CPO program.

Why should you get involved in your CPO?

As an individual, you are not notified of proposed land use actions in the community unless your home or business is within 500 feet of the land involved in the application. Your CPO receives notice of all land developments proposed for the entire area and publishes these in the newsletter. Your CPO, as a group of citizens working together, can be very effective in influencing the decisions of local governments, including the county and other service providers, such as Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R), and Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD). They listen to what CPO members say when we provide input before a decision is made. We don’t always get our way, but we are always heard….
CPO 1 includes the Cedar Mill and Cedar Hills areas. CPO 7 includes the Bethany, Sunset West and Rock Creek areas. These are also the areas in which most readers of the Cedar Mill News live or work. In an effort to plan out our activities for 2006, we present here a list of potential agenda topics for the monthly meetings for your consideration. Let us know which are most interesting to you or suggest additional topics. For CPO 1, contact Bruce Bartlett, 503-645-4683, bruce@actisdesign.com. For CPO 7, contact, Mary Manseau, 503-645-1672, marymanseau@comcast.net. If you would like to help us pursue one of these topics as an official CPO sub-committee member, please step forward and volunteer!


Washington County Sheriff–Updates alternate monthly with TVF&R: The services to be provided if the county’s Safety Levy passes in November 2006; Crime Prevention programs; Geo-Policing; Crystal Misery – video on county’s Methamphetamine epidemic, 20 minutes
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue ( TVF&R)–Updates alternate monthly with Sheriff: Consolidated Emergency Management; Ambulance crew & size

Washington County Issues

Transportation: Adequacy of North/South roads: NW 113th, 119th & McDaniel, NW 143rd, Bethany Blvd, 185th, Springville Road; Oregon Dept of Transportation projects (Hwy 216, Hwy 26); Toll roads; Neighborhood Streets Program, traffic calming requirements; Pedestrian safety, Safe bike routes; ZigZag: County video on transportation choices, 20 minutes
Washington County Land Use: Amending/Updating CPO community plans, Affordable Housing; Presentation on current state of Measure 37; Town Centers: How are the creation of these progressing in the county? Cedar Mill Town Center - Review effects of ordinances to date; Teufel– Polygon Homes development
Focus on local businesses
County Administrative Services

Informational sessions on:

Oregon’s land use laws; Washington County land use application process; History of the CPO and significant milestones


Should Cedar Mill become part of a new incorporated city? Is some other form of organization, such as a Hamlet or Village more appropriate?’ Overview of the Tax Incidence Study – This study by the Washington County Auditor seeks to understand where the various tax revenues are raised and where they are spent in order to determine whether the system is balanced. Study to examine some basic questions of equity between City/County Incorporated/Unincorporated County) residents; Urban Growth Boundary Expansions and subsequent community planning and creation ; North Bethany (Area 84, 85, 86 & 87); Bonny Slope (Area 93)
For details, visit www.metro-region.org/library_docs/land_use/ugbmap.pdf

Beaverton School District

Legislative issues - System Development Charges (SDCs) for capital expansion of schools
Need to plan for expansion and acquisition in high-growth school districts,
Capital Expansion Bond - May 16, 2006 $195 Million Capital Bond Measure to build schools, expand existing schools, buy land, and improve/maintain facilities. The Beaverton School District continues to be one of the fastest growing school districts in the Northwest. In the last five years, Beaverton enrollment has increased by over 3,000 students. Many elementary schools are over or near enrollment capacity, and all high schools are over capacity. Nearly 4,000 more students are expected to enroll in Beaverton schools by the year 2010. The bond proposal addresses capacity and infrastructure needs for the next four years.
Presentation by School Board representative on State of the District, budget; New math program selected; Future assessment processes beyond CIM/CAM’ District programs like: the Clothes Closet, Headstart, Bully Program; Beaverton Education Foundation

City of Beaverton

City Update by Rob Drake,; Annexation policy; Development Process Overview,; Neighborhood Association overview; Neighborhood Mediation Services overview


New bond measure proposal to acquire regional parks and open spaces; Overview of the 2040 Plan,
Regional Transportation Plan; Goal 5 - Fish and Wildlife Habitat Protection; Nature in Neighborhood program overview; Reorganization of Metro and transition to new operation

Visits by elected officials

County Commissioners; State House and Senate officials; Candidates for local office (usually only an introduction and short biography)
Natural Resources and Environmental
Master Gardener program; Rock Creek Watershed Partners; Tualatin Riverkeepers; Audubon Society; SOLV.org

Utilities and Local Services

Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD)–Monthly or bi-monthly updates; Study of using Willamette River for drinking water
Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD):Recreation Center on Rock Creek PCC campus; Possible Cedar Mill Community Center; Annexation Plan; Acquisitions and Improvements
Walker Garbage: Recycling/co-mingling, Recycle batteries and other hazardous waste?
Library Services: Cedar Mill Library & Second Edition; Creation of new libraries in UGB expansion areas, Bethany
Clean Water Services: Create an elected board for Clean Water Services? New vegetative corridor rules and definitions; Watershed Wagon; Eco-Roof success stories; Post-Mortem of the McDaniel LID project; Unsewered Area Project
Washington County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS): Mental health services in county; Mobile Crisis Unit (new) – travels to site of crisis to intervene; Invite the jail liaison to discuss mental health services in the jail; Gambling prevention and treatment program in county
When Ends Don’t Meet’ – video on county’s Working Poor, 20 minutes
Street Lighting: Not enough street lights for safety, comfort; Light pollution from poorly placed or excessive street lights; Portland General Electric (PortlandGeneral.com/LightOut) – PGE provides different models of street lights for developers to choose from. Find out what the street light options are; Dark Sky program presentation
Vision Action Network: www.IGiveWhereILive.net
Bonnie Hayes Animal Shelter
Project Oregon
Service projects around the area



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