A publication of the Cedar Mill Business Association
Volume 1, Issue 5


May 2003

The Cedar Mill Business Association -- a bit of history

Several years ago, local business leaders saw a need to build a stronger business community and to improve communication among businesses in the area. The CMBA was incorporated as a 501c6 organization in 1995. A directory of businesses was prepared and a business newsletter was distributed. The expanded directory is now online at cedarmill.org/biz . The Cedar Mill News is a renewed effort at the newsletter.

Patricia Walker (Walker Garbage) and her son Greg “hit the streets during a hot July in 1994,” to contact local businesses and seek their participation. “I had the ulterior motive of raising money for the library,” recalls Pat, who was one of the library’s Board members. Regular meetings began and a board of directors was elected. Pat was elected as the first president.

Early CMBA members included Pat Mahoney of Mike’s Auto Parts who served as the second president; Linda Teufel who currently serves as Secretary; June Newcomer (Mr. James Hairstyling) who is currently Treasurer; attorney Elissa Ryan, who as Secretary was instrumental in writing bylaws and filing the incorporation papers; Peter Leonard, Library director; Gary Schutz, CPA; Jordan Stockton, a chiropractor who also served as President; Ken Findley. Bales; Norman White, White Realty; Jane Boone, Air, Food & Water Analysis; and Rich Berry of Cedar Mill Bible Church. Many of these folks are still involved.

Cedar Mill Days

One of the CMBA’s major fundraising efforts was the “Cedar Mill Days Festival.” Cedar Mill Days was first held in the parking lot between the library and Hi-School Pharmacy on Saturday September 16. 1995. “We had a lot of publicity for the event,” recalls Pat. “We were on tv, along with people from the library, and we had a big banner across the road.”

Local businesses and organizations set up displays to introduce themselves to area residents. The event was originally scheduled to coincide with the library’s annual rummage sale, which has also been suspended.

Entertainment was a big part of the festival, from “Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts,” performing on a Teufel Nursery flatbed truck, to a local marimba band and the Sunset High Dance Team. Kids’ activities included pony rides and an inflatable “bouncer.”

At least one year, local Boy Scouts offered sweet corn, and TK’s Smokehouse, which used to be located on Cornell, served up barbecue.

Perhaps it was too many rainy days, people busy with too many other activities, or just good old burnout, but Cedar Mill Days was last held in 1999. Some folks would like to see it come back this year or next. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Virginia Bruce at cedarmill@teamweb.com.