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May 2003

Featured Business -- Walker Garbage Service

Like many other businesses in our area, Walker Garbage Service has grown and expanded with the growth in population. In the early days of Cedar Mill, people took care of their own garbage. In a lot of cases, this meant dumping it over the nearest ridge. Of course, back then there was less packaging, and folks re-used and recycled from necessity. It was common to burn your trash in big barrels all winter, and then dump all the ashes in a big pile in the spring. That’s when you’d call the hauler. “Shoveling those piles of wet ashes was really hard work,” recalls John Walker III (known as Buz), who started working in his father’s business in the mid-50’s after getting out of the army.

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Cedar Mill Business Association -- a bit of history

Several years ago, local business leaders saw a need to build a stronger business community and to improve communication among businesses in the area. The CMBA was incorporated as a 501c6 organization in 1995. A directory of businesses was prepared and a business newsletter was distributed. The expanded directory is now online at cedarmill.org/biz. The Cedar Mill News is a renewed effort at the newsletter.

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Thompson-Saltzman Intersection Decision Reached

Washington County’’s Department of Land Use and Transportation has been hard at work to figure out a way to make safety and capacity improvements to the irregular intersection of Saltzman and Thompson Roads in suburban Cedar Mill. They have reached a compromise with a landowner according to which traffic flow will be improved, schoolchildren at Findley Elementary School will be protected, and everyone’s favorite cows can keep on mooing in their back yard.


Preventing Business Burglary

Business will always be a target for burglary. As long as there are people who want a quick buck, businesses must take precautions to protect their stores and offices. We asked Mary Nunnenberg, Washington County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Officer from the East Precinct, what business people can do to prevent burglary.

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