A publication of the Cedar Mill Business Association
Volume 1, Issue 5


May 2003

Thompson-Saltzman Intersection Decision Reached

School Safety Issues will be addressed

Washington County’’s Department of Land Use and Transportation has been hard at work to figure out a way to make safety and capacity improvements to the irregular intersection of Saltzman and Thompson Roads in suburban Cedar Mill. They have reached a compromise with a landowner according to which traffic flow will be improved, schoolchildren at Findley Elementary School will be protected, and everyone’s favorite cows can keep on mooing in their back yard.

The County’s Project Advisory Committee for the Thompson-Saltzman project had recommended making “ultimate improvements” at both ends of a new subdivision (see map). Due to the projected costs for right-of-way and construction, as well as the disruption to adjacent property owners, the County re-evaluated the scope of the project.

Instead of the “ultimate” improvements, the County’s design team has identified a win-win solution: to build an “interim” improvement. The interim road alignment will allow the County to construct intersection improvements with sidewalks, curb ramps and a new traffic signal, eliminating the dangerous offset. But instead of making the connection with the new subdivision to the west, Thompson Road will tie back into the existing Thompson Road near the school entrance. As part of this interim design, no improvements will be made at the southwest end of the subdivision until such time as the northeast end is developed.

There are many benefits to this interim alignment plan. It improves pedestrian safety at the intersection. It improves traffic queuing and safety for the school. It saves the County roughly $1.2 million in right-of-way and construction costs. Best of all, it allows long time landowners to actively graze their cows and live out their lives in their home without being significantly impacted by the road project. Here’s to kids, cows and compromise.

If you would like to view this new, smaller-scaled design, a public open house is scheduled for Monday, May 12th, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Findley Elementary School Library. For more information on the project or the open house, please contact Matt Costigan, Engineering Project Coordinator at 503-846-7825 or via email at matthew_costigan@co.washington. or.us