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Volume 4, Issue 2


February 2006

Cedar Mill Business Association News

By Bill Rawson, President

Your Cedar Mill Business Association is currently taking a hard look at itself. We are trying to assess whether there is a need and desire by the local business to have and maintain a local Business Association for their benefit. If there truly is a desire and need for such an association, then:

  1. How does the business community perceive the current association?
  2. What does the business community expect and want to see its Association do, and most importantly –
  3. How do we get there if it is to change?

The association is at a crossroads. We have had the opportunity to have Mark Paul, a local business consultant, assist in reviewing our current position. An extensive survey was sent out to local members and non-member business owners. Thanks to Mark Paul for his valued time and appreciated effort. The survey tells a strong story.

Of great interest was that 18 surveys came back from the 100 or so sent out. 18% is considered a high response, suggesting that there is a strong interest by the local community in the Association. What was even more interesting is that of the 18 responses, only four were from current members. This further emphasizes that there is a strong interest by non-members. The responses overwhelmingly repeated the same need, Assistance in Growing Their Businesses. By far, this was the biggest response.

Well, it doesn’t get there on its own. If you have the desire and interest to assist your local Cedar Mill Business Association in addressing the primary need along with the many others that emerged from the survey, we urge you to join us this month to share your ideas and support your local Business Association.

The association requests your support at its next monthly meeting in the Cedar Mill Library - upstairs meeting room, as always on the third Tuesday - 2/21/06 @ 7:30AM.

If we are truly going to be an organization that can promote and assist local business, we need the business community’s support. There’s nobody behind the scenes that will make it happen – it’s up to each one of us. No single member has all the answers, but if each of us shares what we know, we can build a great group. Please join us in making this an organization that can assist you in growing your business!



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