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Volume 4, Issue 11


November 2006

Houses or park?

If the Beaverton School District Bond Measure passes in the November 7 election, a new elementary school will be built on Beaverton School District property on McDaniel near its intersection with 119th. The northernmost two acres of that property are steep and wooded, and are not included in tentative designs for the campus.

Neighbors are hoping that the property can be acquired by the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. The parcel is adjacent to the eastern bit of The Bluffs Park. Ironwood resident Barry Raber says, “The combined land would enable the development of a substantial nature park with walking trails, pathways and the potential for a parking lot for visitors. If this land is not transferred to THPRD, it shall most likely become a dense and compacted housing development. This lasting change to the land would limit potential educational and recreational opportunities, representing a huge loss to the neighborhood.”

If the school bond measure doesn’t pass, the school district would likely shelve plans for the new school. The wooded land could still be sold, either to the park district or to developer Don Morrisette, who has an option on it.

Park planner Steve Gulgren says, "park district staff has had several conversations with the Beaverton School District about potentially obtaining the parcel. but until the bond is decided one way or the other those discussions aren’t going to get resolved, it really is a wait and see issue at this point."



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