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December 2005

Emergency management for Cedar Mill

We asked Scott Porter, Director, Office of Consolidated Emergency Management for Washington County, what plans exist for evacuation and shelters for our area. Here’s his response:

There are no specific plans for evacuation of the Cedar Mill area or any other area in the county with the exception of the area immediately downstream of Scoggins Dam. The plan for the dam outlines the joint responsibilities of the dam owner and operator and county and local agencies for effecting an evacuation if/when failure of the dam is likely.

Evacuation plans for the remainder of the county are addressed in very generic terms in county and local population protection plans. Typically, they identify who has authority and responsibility for coordinating and implementing an evacuation, methods for conducting an evacuation, and how an evacuation order or recommendation is communicated to the public. For the Cedar Mill area, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and TVF&R are primarily responsible for evacuations. Both can recommend one (based on the hazard) and then carry it out. In addition, the county commissioners can order evacuation if they declare an emergency and authorize mandatory evacuations. In any case, public works agencies can support the evacuation process if needed for traffic management.

Generally speaking, public sheltering is the responsibility of the Red Cross. They have identified numerous facilities in Washington County that can serve as shelters (schools and churches primarily) and have entered into agreements with them. They also maintain stockpiles of supplies to activate and operate the shelters. Shelters are typically activated at the request of local governments. The Red Cross selects the site based on availability and condition of the pre-designated shelter facilities, the level of need, and the location of need. If the local Red Cross is overwhelmed with shelter requirements (either the duration of need or the magnitude of need), they activate their national system and bring more people and supplies in from out of the area. The Red Cross shelter system may also be supported or supplemented by local government efforts if that becomes necessary.



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