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July 2009

cmfmWhat’s new at the Cedar Mill Farmers' Market?

Our Blueberry Bash is too much fun for just one Saturday, so we’re celebrating it on two market dates this year: July 11 AND July 18. We start on July 11 with the wonderful music, including some BLUEgrass, of Lauren Sheehan, along with all our usual Blueberry Bash fun. On July 18th, we’ll get a morning visit from Ima Blueberry, so be sure to bring your camera to get a shot with this ever-photogenic, singing & dancing BLUEBERRY!

On both days, look for tons of blueberries and lots of “blue” themed fun, including “door” prizes (though we have no door) and our annual “Guess how many blueberries” game! Townsend Farms, always community-minded, donates fresh blueberries for the Bash, and this year we plan to give away several half-flats to lucky customers, along with other merchant prizes. Great Harvest Bread will of course have lots of blueberry muffins and blueberry cream cheese scones for the Bash, and other vendors plan to go along with the blueberry theme as well.

More news for July: The scent of lavender is in the air, which means it’s time to make lavender wands! Ursula Davis (master volunteer & market advisor) will be on hand teaching the art of lavender wands to market guests on July 4, July 18, July 25, and into August for as long as the lavender lasts. She can tell you all about some fun, local lavender festivals, too, including the one where you’ll find her on July 11.

Jumping ahead to July 25th, our Student Music day, we’ve booked a few local award-winning college-student musicians, including Geoff Hill & Andrew Westling, violinists, along with Oak Hills resident and high-school senior, Ted Case, keyboardist.

Seems like we take a lot of photos of Ursula, guess that’s because she’s always right there, always stepping up to help out with anything we need at the market. With that ever-helpful attitude, she ends up in front of the cameras a lot! In fact, the market has grown to the point now that we could not get a market set up (nor taken down) without our well-oiled squad of volunteers—Susan, Sandy, Ryan, Connor, Julie, and of course, Ursula and Mark. It’s become quite an undertaking planning and setting up a larger market (dozens and dozens of vendors, always a new puzzle to piece together each week for half the Saturdays of the year)!




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