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We are an independent publication dedicated to bringing you the local news from the Cedar Mill Area. The Cedar Mill News is published monthly around the first week of every month.


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Editorial Deadline:Third Friday of each month
Ad Deadline:Last Monday of each month for camera ready, third Friday for changes
Guidelines:Guidelines for submitting information below

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Business and Community News Guidelines

Our readers want to keep up on the news you have to share about your business or organization, so please send it to us so we can pass it along.

• Are you a new business in the area? Introduce yourself to our readers.
• Offering a new item or service?
• Holding an event, class, or seminar in the Cedar Mill area that’s open to the public?
• Have an item or service that you don’t think people know about?
• Having a sale or offering a special?
• Added new staff or new capabilities?
• Moving, adding space, or remodeling?
• Supporting a good cause at your business?
• Anything else you think the community would like to know about?

Hint: put yourself in the mind of the average reader — would you be interested in reading about your item if it wasn’t your business or organization?

Non-advertising business limit

For-profit businesses that do not have a current Advertising Frequency Agreement are limited to four submissions per year.

News for the Cedar Mill area

You don’t have to be an advertiser to submit information! But your news does have to be relevant to Cedar Mill residents. Cedar Mill is not a city, but the boundaries are (roughly) Highway 26 to the south, a line north from St. Vincents Hospital; NW Thompson/West Union; 143rd. However, we also cover Oak Hills, West Haven, Bethany, and other nearby communities.

How to submit news

Respond to the reminder email we send, use this form, or send information to info@cedarmillnews.com by the 20th of the previous month for inclusion in the next issue. You can include your information in the body of the email or as an attachment.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re a good writer, we can edit your item. Let us know if you want us to do that, but please provide us with enough information–date, time, names, cost, location and your contact information, etc. We don’t always publish on the first of the month, so if you have an event happening very early in the month, consider sending it in time for the previous issue. (Example: you’re having an event on July 2—send it to us in time for the June issue, by May 20.)

If you have a photo or other image that will help tell the story, send it along as an attachment in digital form (big files, please!) and we’ll try to find space to add it also. Please don’t embed images in Word documents, or send uneditable PDF files.

Because of very limited space in the print edition, we reserve the right to publish your info only in the web version if necessary. We also edit articles for grammar, spelling and clarity.

Your item should be short, 1-3 paragraphs, 200-300 words. It should actually have news of some sort, not just a promo message for your business. (We have advertising for that!) If you’re unsure, ask and I’ll help you figure it out. If you send us a very long article, we will edit it down and you may lose important info. PLEASE include date, time, place, contact info!!

Also, if you’ve thought about advertising, I’d be happy to talk to you about how to get started. It’s easy and affordable, and I provide free layout for long-term advertisers. Ad rates are at http://cedarmill.org/news/advertising

Note that the Cedar Mill Community Calendar is updated monthly from the events listed in The News.. If you are sending us an event that fits our guidelines, our Calendar Editor will include it. This may change as we continue to update our new website.


The Cedar Mill News LLC is not affiliated with any other organization or company.

For more information contact Virginia Bruce via email or phone (503-803-1813, I’m somewhat deaf so email is usually the best way to contact me)

Our Team

  • Publisher/Editor – Virginia Bruce • info@cedarmillnews.com
  • Managing Editor – Evan Kinswood
  • Copy Editor – John Ramey
  • Community and Business News Editors
    • Jimin Lee
    • Sue Wendel
    • Tori Jimenez
    • Nesara Shree
    • Tasiyah Ahmed
  • Website Production – Jack Stanley
  • Paper Distribution – Mark Lewis