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January 2008

recycling rollcartNew Recycling Rules and Rollcarts

Starting in early February, Walker Garbage Service will be delivering new recycling rollcarts to customers in unincorporated Washington County, which includes most of Cedar Mill. Portland and Beaverton residents may be on a different schedule, check your mail for information.

These carts will be collected on an every-other-week schedule that coincides with current yard debris collection schedules. So rather than setting out your recycling in your red bins every week, you will be setting out the new rollcart every other week.

Keep your red bin, however, and use it to recycle glass containers, which still must be kept separate from other recyclables. Motor oil should still be set out in see-through jugs. Everything else can be combined in the new carts.

In addition to the new carts and the new schedule, we will be able to recycle additional plastic materials in the rollcart, along with all the familiar items we’ve been recycling. These items are:

  • Rigid plastic containers and bottles including bottles, containers, and tubs 6 oz. or larger
  • milk containers—do not crush or flatten
  • margarine/butter/yogurt/cottage cheese tubs
  • rigid buckets 5-gallons or less—with/without a handle
  • rigid plastic plant pots 4” or larger

Preparation Instructions: With all items, rinse clean and let air dry. Labels OK. Set recyclables in your roll cart and roll it to the curb on your scheduled recycling collection day.

Information on the new program is available at the Washington County Cooperative Recycling Program website: recyclewise.org where you can print out the new schedule and a poster with details about the new recycling systems.




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