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Volume VI, Issue 1

January 2008

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Featured Business
Super Suppers

Powers That Be:
Washington County's Special Service Districts

New Recycling Rollcarts

CMBA Meeting Notes

Plastic Recycling Roundup

Correction: BSD supports trail

CMBA Membership Drive

CMBA Member News

Library News & Events

News Editor Loses Data

Featured Business
Super Suppers

If your family is tired of pizza and other fast-food or takeout options, and you’d enjoy sitting down to a good meal without a lot of hassle, Super Suppers has some really good options for you...

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The Cedar MIll Business Association's meetings are free
and open to anyone interested in business in Cedar Mill

Brady House

Powers that be
Washington County’s Special Service Districts

When Oregon’s land use laws were established in the 1980s, legislators assumed that urban/suburban areas would be served by cities since this was established land use planning practice...

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Urbanization Forum to seek solutions for urbanized unincorporated areas

Washington County Commissioners have begun to organize an "Urbanization Forum" to be held sometime in early 2008.

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Super Suppers

Business Association 2008 Membership Drive

Membership in the Cedar Mill Business Association is for one calendar year, expiring in December, so everyone needs to renew now if you haven’t already done so.

Benefits include having your news published in our Member News section in this paper, getting significant discounts on advertising rates, being eligible for the Featured Business articles each month, being able to present your business information during the “Ten Minutes of Fame” segment of our monthly meetings, as well as supporting your community with our sponsored activities including the News, the Town Center banners, and more.

Use the membership form to join or renew now. If you’d prefer to pay with a credit card, you can use our online payment through PayPal at the website,

New Recycling Rules & Rollcarts

Starting in early February, Walker Garbage Service will be delivering new recycling rollcarts to customers...

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Cedar Mill Business Association
Meeting Notes

Our Holiday Luncheon was a great success! Around 35 people enjoyed a delicious spread...

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Library News & Events
Dragon Arts at the library

The library’s Winter Reading & Arts Festival continues:

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Plastic Recycling Roundup

Saturday, Feb. 9, 9 am-2 pm, Westview High School, 4200 NW 185th

This local roundup makes it easy to recycle your plastics...

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CMBA Member News

Cedar Mill Chiropractic Clinic •Mike's Auto Parts • Mike Irinaga/Medicare • DaVinci Smiles * Walker Garbage * DuFresne's Automotive • Elliott Bookkeeping • Charm Somebody • Cedar Mill Bible Church • Village Gallery of Arts * Tilly's * Angelic Healing Hands

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Correction—Cedar Mill Park Trail

Last month we published information about the planned trail that will connect 97th Avenue with Cedar Mill Park and lead to Cedar Mill School. The Beaverton School District was involved in the planning of the trail and fully supports the project. They have submitted a letter of support for the State of Oregon grant proposal that Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District will be submitting for money to help pay for trail construction. We apologize for incorrectly stating that they weren’t submitting a letter of support.

News editor loses data

In mid-October, I had a hard-drive failure that resulted in the loss of all my email records. The terrific support team at my ISP, Spire Technologies, managed to salvage the email addresses from the October News emailing, so I can send out this issue. However, all the names associated with the emails are lost. If you want to re-attach your name to your email, please sign up again at

Another consequence of this event was that I lost the name of the person who had just volunteered to help with proofreading. I could really use your help, so please contact me again. If there’s anyone else out there who’d be interested in helping research or write articles, email me. And yes, I’m backing up rigorously now!

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