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January 2008

Urbanization Forum to seek solutions for urbanized unincorporated areas

Washington County Commissioners have begun to organize an "Urbanization Forum" to be held sometime in early 2008. They have been seeking a facilitator to coordinate an intergovernmental dialogue among representatives of the county, the 12 cities within it, special service districts, and residents.

According to County Commission Chair Tom Brian, the "Forum" will probably consist of three or four events throughout 2008. The forum is being initiated jointly by the county, cities and others to discuss a number of questions related to the "urbanization" of Washington County.

It is estimated that about 400,000 new residents could be living in the county by the year 2030. Brian says that the “Forum” will address the many questions that such growth raises, such as “Where shall we grow?” “How shall we grow?” “What are the governance options and how are they achieved?” “Who shall provide the necessary services?” “Who shall pay for the capital costs and operational costs?”

The board of commissioners wants some representative citizens actually participating on the discussion group, and they say there will be a lot of outreach to residents and the public in general. Dates or venues for the forum have not been determined. We will follow up with more information when it becomes available.



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