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Volume III, Issue 11

November 2005

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Deveraux Glen

Cedar Mill News
Advertising Rates & Schedule

Cedar Mill News
Advertising Rates & Schedule

Featured Business
Cornell Eyecare

So how do you test the eyesight of a baby? Dr. Chad Lawson knows, and it’s not that hard. “We have a retinascope that measures prescriptions by bouncing light off the retina. In fact, we can test anyone’s eyes this way, and it is accurate enough to prescribe glasses.

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The Nature of Cedar Mill
Western redcedar

Western redcedar (Thuja plicata – pronounced ‘THOO-yuh pli-KAH-tuh) is probably the tree best known to Northwesterners. Native Americans from Alaska to northern California, and as far inland as the Rocky Mountains, prized this tree for its myriad uses.

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Big Cedar Contest!

We're looking for the biggest Western redcedar tree in Cedar Mill so we're challenging our readers to get out there and measure big trees. This might make a neat project for classrooms or scout groups...

The standard way to measure a tree is at 4.5 feet up, commonly referred to as ‘diameter at breast height’ (dbh). For redcedars this can be tricky because they taper so much, especially in the lower 10-ish feet, but this is still the standard way to measure them. Run a tape measure around the trunk, then divide the circumference by pi. You can use 3.14 for ease of calculation, and unless we have two trees very close in diameter, the small difference between the two numbers (pi, 3.14) won’t matter.

Send your big redcedar information to vrb@teamweb.com by the end of November. The prize? Knowing you found the biggest redcedar in Cedar Mill!

Congestion at the gate – will it improve?

A large proportion of the auto traffic coming into Cedar Mill arrives via the intersection of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road. As Cedar Mill has grown, this intersection has become increasingly congested. And before long there will be significant increases in traffic through this intersection when Polygon Homes completes the Teufel Development.

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History in the News
The Shoemaker

Around the turn of the century, a shoemaker named Florion Osterhammer opened a cobbler’s shop on Cornell Road in Cedar Mill. Osterhammer, a bachelor from Bavaria, was a small man with a soft voice, sandy complexion, red hair and mustache. In the shop, which was also his home, he always wore a big leather apron.

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Willow Creek Restoration Project Underway

A wide floodplain of Willow Creek running westward from 143rd through a portion of the Oak Hills subdivision is the focus of a Stream Enhancement Project undertaken by Clean Water Services. Much of the preliminary work has been completed.

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Next Meeting
Cedar Mill Business Association

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
7:30 am

Place: Cedar Mill Community Library Meeting Room

Topic: TBA
Coffee and donuts

Meetings are free and open to anyone interested in
the Cedar Mill Business Community


Youth Transition Program now offered in the Beaverton School District

The Youth Transition Program (YTP) is a program designed to improve education and employment outcomes for youth with disabilities through an innovative partnership between BSD high schools and the State of Oregon’s office of vocational rehabilitation.



Reducing Junk Mail

Few people like to get unsolicited ads or credit cards in the mail. Ditto telemarketing calls and spam for various sorts of enhancements or “investment opportunities.” While it may be impossible to completely eliminate these wasteful nuisances, there are several ways to drastically reduce them.

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Citizen Summit Focuses on Building an Involved Community

Getting citizens involved in community organizations or service groups can be a daunting challenge. So Oregon State University Extension Service is hosting a citizen summit to look at changing opportunities for citizen involvement and innovative techniques to assist community leaders to build membership.

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Cedar Mill Business Association News

The CMBA held its annual meeting on October 18 and elected new directors and officers. Two new directors joined the board. Bonnie Kost runs Logo Portland, a custom embroidery shop. Her shop was tucked away near the Shell Station for many years but recently moved to the Triangle Shopping Center behind the Dairy Queen.

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Planning for Parks

If you live in the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District service area you’re invited to an open house meeting to discuss updates to the Park District’s Comprehensive Plan. The meeting will be held Thursday, November 17 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Beaver Den Meeting Room of the Tualatin Hills Nature Park at 15655 SW Millikan Boulevard.

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Community Calendar

November 1
CPO #1 Meeting
7 pm, St. Vincent’s Hospital Souther Auditorium

November 12
Cedar Mill Park Restoration
9-noon Cedar Mill Park, 10385 NW Cornell

November 12
Citizen Summit
8:30-2:30, Capital Center

November 15
Cedar Mill Business Association
7:30 am, Cedar Mill Library

December 3
Cedar Mill School Pancake Breakfast
8-11 am, 10265 NW Cornell Rd.


The Cedar Mill Park restoration project
November 12, 9-noon10385 NW Cornell

Replanting with natives, and holly removal with the amazing weed wrench!

All tools, gloves and snacks provided. Join your neighbors in restoring the trail area of our park.

For more information, call Virginia 503-629-5799 or email vrb@teamweb.com