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July 2009

Saltzman Road project beginning soon

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Plans are complete and a contractor has been hired to begin the project to widen Saltzman Road. Northwest Earthmovers, the same company that’s working on the Murray and Cornell project, will be handling Saltzman improvements, says Matt Costigan, Project Manager for Washington County Land Use & Transportation. (See November 2008 for more information)

The only major change in the plans for the project since last fall is that four-foot-wide bike lanes will be added to both sides of the road from Cornell to Dogwood. To meet the bike lane needs, the two northbound lanes have been reduced in width from 12’ to 11’.

As we noted last fall, the community effort to get a stoplight and crosswalk adjacent to the library was successful, thanks in large part to the willingness of Bales/Findley Property Management to change the configuration of their northeast parking lot, adding an exit onto Dogwood for shoppers who want to go northbound.

Attractive new light fixtures have been selected that are both “dark-sky friendly” and in keeping with the old-fashioned style of lights in the rest of the Town Center road areas.

The Saltzman project will begin, probably this month, with “clearing and grubbing.” This will involve the removal of trees, fences and other structures and vegetation that are in the already-acquired right-of-way for the project. Unfortunately, this includes removal of the huge sequoias across from the library. It is hoped that some of the logs can be used in a nearby park project—negotiations are currently underway.

Road work will begin on the east side of the road north of Cornell. All of the additional width needed for the project will come from that side. Parking next to the shops in the Milltowner center will be eliminated, as will the southern Saltzman entrance to that lot.

On the west side of Saltzman, Costigan notes, “the existing curb, gutter, and sidewalk in front of 7-11, the Grange and Thriftway will remain. Some water lines and underground utility work will need to be done in the roadway there.” Access into the Thriftway lot may be restricted while the contractor is working directly in front of the driveway, but it will remain open the rest of the time.

Costigan says that they anticipate no road closures or detours during the project. Lane restrictions will be in place from 9 am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday for the duration of the project. Some night work will occur for water line installation—work hours and lane restrictions will be from 8 pm to 6 am.

We’ll continue to publish updated information on the project as it progresses. For more detailed information, visit the project website at www.deainc.com/saltzmanroad, and attend the Meet the Contractor Open House on July 13, and the CMBA meeting on July 14.




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