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Volume 1, Issue 9

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October 2003


Featured Business

Bales Thriftway

Odus Bales was a man of vision—vision that drew him out from Missouri to Oregon in 1929, and led him to develop a grocery business, first in St. Johns and then in our community.

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Next Meeting
Cedar Mill Business Association

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Time: 12 noon
Place: Cedar Mill Community Library

Topic: TriMet's Cedar Mill Shuttle
Speaker: Jeremy Wright, TriMet Outreach Coordinator

Join us for lunch to find out about
Cedar Mill's unique transportation option

FREE pizza courtesy of Figaro
(bring your own drinks)

Cedar Mill Shuttle —
vans to the MAX!

When the westside light-rail MAX service began in 1998, people in the Cedar Mill community expressed an interest in some kind of public transportation to get to the Sunset Transit Center so they could take advantage of the new trains.

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How Cedar Mill got its name

Cedar Mill is one of Oregon’s older communities. It is significant in the richness of its history, for it represents many of the various strands, both constant and contradictory, of the first century of growth in the Oregon Country.


Business Association elects new board, officers

During the annual meeting on September 16, 2003, The Cedar Mill Business Association selected a new board of directors and a new executive committee.

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