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Volume 1, Issue 7

July-August 2003

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Featured Business

Pacific Office Automation

Cedar Mill hosts a number of non-retail businesses along Science Park Drive in the southwest corner of the community. One thing that sets Pacific Office Automation apart from the rest is that it’s a family-run business owned by someone who lives in the community.

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The Writing of Cedar Mill History

Two local women track down our pioneer roots

It was 1976, the year of the U.S. Bicentennial, and history was in the air. Linda Dodds had an assignment to write up an oral history for a literature class, and Nancy Olson’s neighbor, Willard Bauer, had been telling her stories of early-day Cedar Mill. The two friends got the idea to put together a history of the area, and Cedar Mill History was begun.

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What is Cedar Mill?

In some ways you could more easily approach this issue as “What Cedar Mill isn’t.” It isn't a city. It doesn’t have its own zip code. Its only official designation is “a census-designated place. ” It’s part of “unincorporated Washington County.”

Beaverton has long-range plans to annex us. Since 1985, Washington County has been pursuing a policy that would get them out of the business of providing city services to unincorporated areas.


Cornell/Barnes Road Projects and Business Signs

The Cedar Mill Town Center project is underway, and Washington County has scheduled the reconstruction of Cornell Road (Murray to Saltzman) and Barnes Road (Saltzman to 119th alignment) for early in 2004.

One of the first effects to be felt from the project will be on signage. Some existing business identification signs on Cornell and Barnes roads will need to be removed or relocated if they are in existing right-of-way or in right-of-way acquired for the project.

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