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Volume IV, Issue 1

January 2006

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History in the News
The Beamish Family
Community Contributors

The Beamish women were remembered for their fine handwork and faultless housekeeping. Mother Sarah was an accomplished quilt maker and with her daughters did crocheting, tatting, and knitting. Mary managed household duties, and taught Sunday School at Wesley Chapel.


Featured Business
Sunset Animal Clinic

The Sunset Animal Clinic has been providing care to pets since 1972. In 1976, the Animal Cancer Clinic was added to provide care to animals who have contracted cancer.


The future of 113th Street

Two issues have recently surfaced concerning NW 113th Street. One is a derelict, partially destroyed building on a lot near the top of the road. The other is the future buildout of the road itself.


Merritt Orchard Park continued

Neighbors of Merritt Orchard Park continue to question the process of selecting the route and the configuration of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD) trail planned to extend from Cedar Hills Boulevard through the various Peterkort developments and across Johnson Creek and ending up on Washington Street. “We’re not saying that there shouldn’t be a trail there,” says Tom Posey. “We just don’t think that THPRD has been fair by not involving the affected neighbors during the planning process.”


Wal-Mart resubmits development application

Meeting the December 23, 2005 deadline on the nose, Wal-Mart developer PacLand submitted slightly revised plans after Beaverton planners rejected last summer’s original submission as incomplete.


Next Meeting
Cedar Mill Business Association

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 4 pm

Place: Cedar Mill Community Library

Come and help us work to define and improve CMBA's contribution to our business community–how can the group help you?

CPO #1 Topics Abound

Citizen Participation Organizations (CPO) were formed in 1983 as part of Washington County’s response to Oregon’s land use planning Goal #1 – citizen involvement must be included in land use planning actions. Visit the web site www.lcd.state.or.us/LCD/goals.shtml for a description of all 19 statewide planning goals. CPOs are a mechanism to enable participation in the changes that affect our lives and property.


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