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Volume IV, Issue 2

February 2006

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History in the News
The Cedar Mill Garden Club

One of Cedar Mill’s oldest institutions will celebrate 60 years of accomplishment this year. On September 13, 1946, a group of 34 women formed the Cedar Mill Garden Club.


Featured Business
Scrapbook Attack

When most customers enter Scrapbook Attack, they quickly veer to the left to check out the “NEW” section where Sheri Fisher and her staff place the latest stock to arrive at the store.


New road projects for Cedar Mill

Just when we thought we’d be seeing the last of the backhoes with the completion of the Cornell/Barnes project comes the news that two more major road projects are slated for our area. But they’re sorely needed, and the short-term pain will end in permanent gain.


Town Center construction near completion

The long-awaited end of the Cornell/Barnes road improvement project is in sight!


Ringo won't run again, Avakian will

Our state senator Charlie Ringo announced in mid-January that he would not seek a third term, saying that he wanted to spend time with his family before his children grew up.


Next Meeting
Cedar Mill Business Association

Tuesday, February 21, 7:30 am

Place: Cedar Mill Community Library

Topic: Continued discussion of how the Business Association can help you grow your business

About that vacant lot...

Many Cedar Mill residents wonder why the lot at the southwest corner of Murray and Cornell has stood vacant for so long.


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Cedar Mill Park Concert planning underway

Teriyaki Beef Bowl

Wal-Mart application delay

Mentors Needed at Stoller

Cedar Mill Home Theater Grand Opening

Greenlick Town Halls to focus on health care


Cedar MIll Business Association News

Your Cedar Mill Business Association is currently taking a hard look at itself. We are trying to assess whether there is a need and desire by the local business to have and maintain a local Business Association for their benefit.


New commercial building takes shape

The “Cedar Mill Shops on Cornell,” at the corner of Cornell and Dale, will be completed sometime this spring, according to Corine Nussmeier,



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