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Volume 11, Issue 7
July 2013

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Second Edition

yellow dog


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Sunset Yoga

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Pars Market

Pet Barn


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Cornell Cobbler

Mountain Man

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Dean Shade Attorney at Law

Mike's Auto - oil

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Mad Hatter

Leedy Flea Market

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Featured Business
Bales Findley LLC

When we study how Cedar Mill grew to become the thriving community that it is today, we have to look at the impact of the Bales-Findley family...

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Redevelopment for Milltowner I

At a neighborhood meeting on July 2, Bales Findley LLC unveiled their plans for a total redevelopment and expansion of their shopping center at the northeast corner of Saltzman and Cornell...

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History in the News
The Hall Family in Cedar Mill

A boulder with the name "Hall" chiseled on it rests under the spreading oak tree in the Union Cemetery...

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John RobertsBurnt Ends pitmaster hospitalized

John Roberts, our favorite bbq purveyor, was stricken with a severe case of pancreatitis late last month and has been hospitalized since then. He is making slow progress now, but will be out of work for an indefinite length of time.

If community members care to make a donation to help keep his health insurance paid up, a fund has been established at Sunset Science Park Credit Union, 1100 NW Murray.

John and his wife Laura appreciate all the good wishes they've been receiving from friends and family, and they miss participating in their regular activities. We all wish John a steady recovery.

Bales Thriftway

main st

Bicycle theft

Local business owner Sam Bosch noticed a bicycle shoved under some bushes near his office last month...

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area 93

"Mossuments" in Jordan Park

In the fall of 2012, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District staff worked with a citizens’ committee and the Regional Arts and Culture Council to select and contract with artists to complete design proposals for the Interpretive Sign Network bond project...

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Summit Dental

Greek Villagge

Bark dust can mask a creeping fire

The recent heat wave is keeping your Cedar Mill-area firefighters busy and one of the biggest reasons may be sitting in your yard...

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Library News

Summer reading programs, concerts, meteorites...

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sidewalkHeat expands concrete!

A section of sidewalk buckled on Saltzman Road during the recent late-June heat wave. Dave Schamp, Maintenance Division Manager of Washington County Land Use and Transportation, says, “Yes, we are aware and have had an inspector out there. This is likely caused by the heat. I don't know details of this particular situation, but have seen it occur in our area before. Sometimes the concrete contractor fails to install enough or proper expansion joints. Typically the expansion joint is made using an asphaltic felt material that allows the expanding concrete to compress it before doing damage. This was most likely caused by too few or improperly installed expansion joints.” The county should be sending a crew to repair the sidewalk soon.

Hanger Park Dental


Weed Watch
Yellow Flag Iris is a red flag invasive

A popular ornamental with a dramatic, bright yellow blossom on a stalk up to 4 feet tall, yellow flag iris is often planted in natural and artificial wetlands and ponds in both urban and rural landscapes....

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bsd lot

School District vacant lot

In 2003, the Beaverton School District (BSD) condemned and then purchased an18-acre parcel in the middle of the former Teufel Nursery property...

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Tire Factory

Sunset Animal Clinic

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July Business News

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July Community News

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refinihs Tire Factory

Extract Away Carpet Cleaning Cause+Event

Tesla Electric

Cornell Family Medicine

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