Nature & Garden News June 2024


For more information on all our programs, please go to the WCMGA website. The Washington County Master Gardener™ Association (WCMGA) sponsors a wide variety of gardening—related demonstrations, lectures, seminars, and workshops in various Washington County Oregon locations. Most of our events are free and open to the public. The WCMGA is a 501c3 non-profit.

Join us in the garden for hands-on activities for the whole family that celebrate invertebrates and vertebrates. Learn about the insects and other wildlife in our garden and meet some farm animals from the PCC Rock Creek Farm, including the endearing miniature horse, Tootsie! Please visit the event webpage for more details. 

Logan Bennett Small Farms and Master Gardener Program Coordinator for Douglas County, OSU Extension Service, will present a webinar on Strategies for Integrated Pest Management. What actions should be taken on your land or in your garden to contend with diseases, pests and weeds? Includes a focus on biological controls and what can be done to encourage natural and introduced controls. Please visit the event page for registration. 

Learn how to use raised beds and containers for the kinds of bountiful harvests you see at the Learning Garden at Jenkins Estates. OSU Master Gardener volunteers Dan McDonald, Jeannine Rychlik, and Lorill Hirschberger will demonstrate how to successfully plan, plant, and harvest vegetables in your home garden. Approved for one hour of MG education credit. Please visit the event page for details. 

Perennials give the garden beauty, food for wildlife,and create an ever-changing tapestry of color. On top of that, they are a good investment since they come back year after year. This class will discuss different types of perennials and focus on long-blooming varieties. We will discuss how to best care for them in terms of planting, pruning, fertilizing, pest control, and general maintenance, plus tips to extend blooming time for year-round color. Approved for one hour of MG education credit. Please visit the event page for details. 


In this class we will tour the Learning Garden ’Herb Spiral’ that features more than 40 herbs that thrive in our PNW climate. Master Gardeners will share information about the growing, harvesting and storing of herbs as well as planting herbs in containers. Please visit the event webpage for details. 

Join Volunteers from the Washington County Master Gardener Association at our beautiful Learning Garden for this Free Family Event which is open to the public. There will be fun, hands-on gardening activities for the whole family including scavenger hunts, tours, vegetable seed planting (to take home!), and pollinator education. Don’t forget to visit our carnivorous plants! For information and maps to our gardens, please visit the Demonstration Gardens page. To learn more about the event, please visit the event webpage

grow vegetables

Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District has a web page for you! Get motivated and find useful information and resources on this page.

We work to protect and advocate for trees in urban unincorporated Washington County. Don’t miss our upcoming events! All of them are free. Visit the Treekeepers website to learn more.

Get to know your tree-loving neighbors and build community at our next Treekeepers meetup at Cascadia Commons. This month’s agenda will focus on the status of our current projects. We look forward to your ideas and input for ways to help trees.


Join us to learn how to identify some of the trees in the Cedar Mill area: Douglas fir, Western red cedar, Alder, Oregon white oak, and six species of maple. From Jackie Husen Park, we’ll walk a paved trail that goes through the natural area above Cedar Mill Creek. We’ll dip down into a ravine on a soft surface trail to a boardwalk to see creekside trees, travel to a walled overlook, then climb some steps to loop back to Jackie Husen Park through neighboring homes and a leafy corridor of maples. The Jordan Woods Natural Area is also home to a nature art installation. 

uwin bobcat

Are you interested in learning what species of mammals and birds live in Portland parks and green spaces? The Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN) project tracks urban wildlife using camera traps, working with community members to place cameras along habitat corridors and identify the many squirrels, songbirds, and other species photographed. Find out more about the UWIN PDX Community Science project, get trained on how to place and use the camera traps, and meet the other volunteers and partners involved in this program.

Join us for an evening to celebrate the hard work of our current volunteers and welcome new volunteers interested in joining the project. The event will include a training session led by PSU grad student Clarissa Cressotti focused on camera trap deployment and common species identification. We will also hear from habitat connectivity expert, Dr. Leslie Bliss Ketchum, about what we are learning about how urban greenspaces can best maximize wildlife passage. We will also explore recent data collected through UWIN PDX and highlight the methodology and future goals of the project. Sign up link for this session is on the information page.

Visit the Bird Alliance (formerly Portland Audubon) website for many more classes, events, and field trips.

redwing blackbird
Red-winged blackbird Photo Taken by Kevin Harding 

This program will delve into the intricacies of bird identification through their sounds and behaviors. The event will offer participants a unique opportunity to learn more about how birds interact with this local habitat. Register now by calling 503-629-6350, stopping by a THPRD center in person, or signing up online