Development News December 2023

Two major developments present to Beaverton NAC

Monday, December 4, 7 pm, online

A proposal to build a carwash and coffee drive-thru on Barnes across from Timberland Center, and a Sunset Town Center residential/Retail development proposal are being discussed at the December 4 meeting of the Central Beaverton Neighborhood Association Committee (NAC). We got the information mid-November, so we weren’t able to include it in time for the November issue. We’ll update this page as soon as we have more information.

Kirkland Development & EM Architecture will describe the proposal for a drive-thru coffee shop and automated Kirkland Premier Car Wash on the corner of W Stark St and NW Barnes Rd.

Detail from the Master Plan showing the Station District section

A proposed development that includes a four-story mixed-use apartment building, 3,000 sq. ft commercial building, and a public plaza on the property between the Sunset Transit Center and NW Barnes Rd. will represent the first piece of the long-planned mixed-use complex on Peterkort land near the STC. Laurie Bunce, David Evans and Associates, Inc., will present this proposal. 

Kirkland was invited to attend the December CPO meeting but declined. We’ll continue to bring you as much information as we can—look for an update in the January issue. There’s often quite a bit of time between the Neighborhood Meeting and a development application being submitted.

Kirkland hotel lender seeks foreclosure

An article in the Portland Business Journal says that Access Point, the lender financing the hotel under construction in the Timberland Center, has filed a complaint in Washington County claiming that the developer has delayed the project too long and likely doesn’t have funds to complete it. Neighbors have noted the lack of activity on the building site.

Originally slated for completion in spring 2022, it’s unlikely given the current state of construction that it will be done before mid-2024. “The loan has matured and has not been repaid,” the lender said in court records. They are asking the court to appoint a receiver and grant foreclosure and a land sale.

A Kirkland representative told Cedar Mill News that everything is on track and there are no problems.

Mountain View Ridge in Bethany

A 38-home subdivision has been proposed for land on the boundary between Multnomah and Washington County, adjacent to the northern end of 130th Avenue. It’s in CPO 7 but will undoubtedly affect all of us, because the extension of 130th is part of the rationale for the realignment of the upper end of Saltzman. The proposal doesn’t include any improvements to 130th at this time, only the dedication of right-of-way. The county has designated 130th as a Neighborhood Route. We will bring you more information next month.

The application is large and extensive, and spurred concern among CPO leaders that the decision would be late which might once again preclude the right of community groups to appeal it. The state has a “120-day rule” that requires jurisdictions to come to a decision on land use applications within 120 days of the application being deemed complete by the jurisdiction (Washington County in this case).

In April 2022, CPO 1 filed an appeal of the approval of the Thompson Highlands development, because the CPO felt that the development would prevent Thompson from being built as a full arterial. Then Biggi Investments, the Thompson Highlands developer, filed a Writ of Mandamus because the county had already taken 120 days to approve the application and any further delay is against state statutes. The judge sided with the Biggi family, so our appeal wasn’t heard. Another similar situation arose in CPO 3 with an application for pond dredging at Portland Golf Club. CPO leaders are encouraging the county to increase Land Use & Transportation staffing and other capabilities to ensure these situations don’t arise again.

In this case, the county asked the developer to accept an extension, so the new deadline is January 26. A CPO 7 resident has filed an appeal of the application because of several issues including street connections to the nearby subdivision. That’s scheduled for a December 21 hearing. We hope the developer works with the community to resolve the issues.