Development News December 2023

• Two major developments present to Beaverton NAC
• Kirkland hotel lender seeks foreclosure
• Mountain View Ridge in Bethany

Business Update December 2023

joe kim of donuts plus

• Donuts Plus owner Joe Kim returns
• Muttley Crew closed, BarkZone takes over
• Milltowner update
• Commercial space for lease

Holiday News December 2023

• Cedar Mill Holiday Tree Lighting!
• Beaverton Winter Lights
• Hillsboro Lightopia
• Adopt-a-bike
• Light The World Giving Machines
• Tree recycling information

Business News December 2023

bread loaves

• CMBA Holiday Party 
• Free brakes with groceries!
• Wildwood Trivia!
• The Journey of Downsizing
• Visit Anthology for tips to sail through the holidays
• The Gleamery offers innovative dental care
• New microbakery Dana’s Breads
• Sunset Credit Union’s financial blueprint for 2024
• 2024 real estate forecast: all you need to know
• Maximizing Your Home’s Equity: Strategies for Homeowners workshop

CPO News December 2023

• December CPO 1 meeting: Crosswalks and other pedestrian safety improvements in the UUA
* Fire prompts questions about landlord responsibility
• Future of the CPO/CCI system
• Neighborhood Meetings
• Lee Street Partition
• Sunset Town Center •
• STC Residential/Retail Development 
• Drive-Thru Coffee & Kirkland Car Wash
• 8-lot subdivision for Noyes Development

Park News December 2023

thprd winter kids in snow

• “Recreational Immunity” and park safety
• Join the Metro Nature in Neighborhoods grants review team!
• THPRD News
• Dog Run construction beginning at Ridgewood Park
• December Events near Cedar Mill from THPRD

Garden & Nature News December 2023

fuzzy kiwis growing

• Washington County Master Gardener programs
• Kokedama: The Art of Bonsai without a Container
• Winter Pruning workshops from HOEC
• Cedar Mill Garden Club: Monthly Meetings
• College Scholarship Available!
• Treekeepers of Washington County
• Raleigh Park Ivy Pull
• Tree Walk: Mt Calvary Cemetery
• Join the on-call Ivy Crew
• Tree Talk: What to do about trees in wind storms

Arts & Entertainment News December 2023

• ISing Choir Winterfest Concert benefits Depave Portland
• Beaverton Community Band presents Music of the Season: Peace, Unity, Joy
• Oak Hills Square Dance Club
• Village Gallery of Arts December News

Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries December 2023

ukrainian easter eggs

• Annual Kids’ Library Fundraiser
• 2023 Winter Reading Challenge
• Teen artist’s talent benefits CMBCL
• Holiday Book Sale
• For Kids
• For Teens & Tweens
• For Adults
• Monthly Groups for Adults
• Second Edition Resale

Community News December 2023

leedy grange planting

• Senior Housing on 5th: Overview Open House 
• Oak Hills Elementary Book Fair 
• Preparing for winter!
• Furniture Bank Donations!
• 4-H Community Service Day & Dance
• 4-H STEP—Fall Enrollment 
• Rose City Rabbit Rescue 
• Service of Remembrance
• Leedy Grange December happenings
• Beaverton Education Foundation 
• Viva Village December activities

Legislative News December 2023

kid governor

∙ Lisa Reynolds Constituent Coffee
∙ The 2023 Oregon Kid Governor is from HD 34! (again!!!)

Mediterranean Oak Borers: One more threat for suffering trees

affected oak

If you thought drought, heat domes and Emerald Ash borers were a lot for our trees to deal with, a new assault is threatening them. Mediterranean oak borers have come to town, and our native oaks are at great risk. First discovered in Troutdale in 2018, the beetles have advanced their attack on Oregon white oaks (Quercus garryana), spurring Wilsonville to remove one mighty oak already and worry about others.

Peaceful distraction


Being able to watch and listen to the birds around my home has proven to be a tremendous distraction from the chaos and challenges of the world around me. Despite living in an assisted living facility, I insisted that native plants be planted throughout our yard, including elderberries and snowberry. I have planted many native plants on my balcony to attract pollinators. Our backyard habitat has been rewarded!