Surge Wellness comes to Cedar Mill

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The latest new business to locate in the Kirkland Center (SE corner of Barnes & 118th, near the new hotel that’s going in) is Surge Wellness, a multi-disciplinary wellness center with practitioners and service providers offering a variety of modalities and technologies to help clients achieve their highest functioning. 

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Casey Holliman, the founder, also owns Performance Bodywork with two Portland-area locations. He is incorporating some of the practitioners from that business and consolidating and adding to the state-of-the-art equipment that enhances the wellness journey into this premium inclusive location.

He says, “We don’t have a specific target demographic. We have something for everybody—whether it is pain relief and injury recovery, post-op healing, maintenance and prevention, increased performance and optimized health, athletic recovery, wellness, or longevity and healthy aging. We treat people of all ages, from teens to seniors.”

There are several private treatment rooms for chiropractic, Fascia Stretch Therapy, and massage. Also on staff is a functional nutrition practitioner, and a Stott Pilates teacher offers private or small-group sessions. 

infared chair
The Ammortal Chamber uses multiple energy modalities to aid recovery for athletes and others

What really sets this new practice apart from other wellness providers is that many of the technologies deliver various forms of energy—including red light, sound, electromagnetic, heat, and cold, and more, which supplement the more-traditional bodywork. 

The large office suite has space for each type of equipment and modality. One room includes saunas and ice baths—the extremes stimulate metabolism and healing. Other treatment modalities include lymphatic drainage, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), an infrared ozone sauna (HOCATT), a Somadome meditation pod, and many more. Visit the “Wellness Technologies” page of the website for more information on each.

New clients can receive an intake interview to discover their wellness goals and issues. Once a client has a treatment blueprint, an optional membership plan is offered that is tailored to support the individual’s health journey with regular access to their cutting-edge therapies and treatments, to help clients look, feel and perform at their best.

Visit the website to learn more about what Surge Wellness can do to help you and your family members achieve healing, relief from pain, and optimum functioning. Online scheduling is currently available before the facility opens.