Recycling News March 2024

items to swap
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Sunset High School’s Climate Change Club is hosting a styrofoam recycling drive! We collect styrofoam, #6 plastics, and other specified items that we then recycle through neighboring companies in our area. Electronics will be collected also!

Check out our website for more information! Agilyx is closing their Tigard warehouse so the team is looking at options, but they will be able to use them for this drive.

The Club has been building a list of recycling resources and they invite you to visit.

Start getting ready now to get the most from this amazing event! Here’s the PlanetCon Checklist to help you prepare. More info will be available next month.

Shop the really, really free table—Drop off and/or pick up items with a “Spring Cleaning” theme.

items to swap

Repair Fair—Sign up to have your items be fixed by skilled volunteers. Preregistration is required.

​Drop-off items for recycling and proper disposal: Selected plastics: #1, #5, #6. Read collection event details carefully; batteries, medications, sharps, and CFL’s (collected by Metro); computers, electronics​ and other small corded items; metals

Donate Usable Items: Bicycles, bike accessories, eyeglasses, hearing aids, gently used adult clothing. What We Won’t Take

Visit information tables; Have Fun! —Listen to music, explore the PCC campus, and Learn More

Get involved! We have several ways you can help our effort. Volunteer at a single PlanetCon event. Opportunities include sorting plastics, collecting donations, staffing tables, and traffic control. Assist with event planning. Example tasks include social media, publicity, volunteer management, and graphic design. Join our board to help direct our future. If interested in any of these opportunities, send us an email and explain how you’d like to participate.

Tom Egleston

This FREE event is brought to you by the Westside Planet Alliance with the support of Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling, Metro, Portland Community College Sustainability, Computer Drive Connection, and Marc Grambo Homes.

In February, Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling said farewell to Tom Egleston, who had been with the county for 14 years, most recently serving as the division manager. He heads over to Metro to take on the role of policy and program development manager with Waste Prevention and Environmental Services. He visited CPO 1 several times to explain various aspects of the programs to our members.