Biz updates

We’re still waiting hungrily for Pop Pizza, a Detroit style pizzeria nearing completion next to Wildwood in the Milltowner Center at Saltzman & Cornell. A few more permits and licenses stand in the way of us getting a bite, but it should be soon!

Nicoletta’s Table has leased the larger space across the small plaza from Insomnia! This will be the second location for Al and Shari Newman. We’ll learn more about their plans in the coming months. They promise a “casual, yet elegant dining experience where around our table we become family, friends, and community.” Sounds great!

Now there’s just one open space in the center, and center management is thinking maybe a hair salon would be just right. We agree!

We visited several locations in the Timberland area—if we are able to connect with management, we’ll bring you more information next month. In the Kirkland development on the east side of 118th, American Family Care has been open for several months. Wolfe Dental, upstairs from AFC, is opening in early March.

Fitness and personal care businesses abound in the two buildings on either side of NW Cedar Falls west of 118th. We stopped in at Stretch Zone, Specs 2020, Urban Waxx, and Gentle Dental. We hope to get in touch and help you get acquainted with them if you’re not already!

We’re doing our best to get an update on the hotel but construction currently seems to be on hold. A neighbor mentions that, as of publication date, they stopped all work at the site over four weeks ago; they have removed the construction office trailer; left three cargo containers and a parking lot section ready for blacktop. Additionally, Kirkland properties has removed their sign.

While we heard that Access Point, the investment bank financing the development, was attempting to foreclose on the property, we were unable to find more information on that. The project was approved in 2019 by Beaverton, and construction began in 2020, leading many to wonder why it’s taking so long!

Rumors flew that the popular Bethany Center spot was closing. Owners told our reporter that they are open at least until March 15 and are working to find new owners. We’ll provide more when we can.

The large main room was once a ballet studio!

The location at 12847 NW Cornell, west of Target, that was most recently a physical therapy office, is ready for new tenants. Bales Findley Property Management lead

Ryan Egge says, “There are 17 spaces (shared with two 800 SF offices).  The space is approximately 2,700 SF total on two levels.  I don’t really want to quote rent, as every deal is different based on LL buildout specific to the tenant and contribution to tenant improvements, type of use, tenant credit, etc. It’s a funky space, but a great location with ample parking.” And they are great landlords! Contact Ryan at 503-201-9938 if you’re interested.

Office spaces lead off the hallway on the lower level