CMCC raising funds to replant trees

Downed trees on the Bluffs Park trail were a barrier for Bonny Slope ES kids to get to school. The district worked hard to clear the trail by the time school opened, but new trees must be planted to ensure slope stability and provide a renewed forest.

We were all shocked and saddened when we saw the devastation to our beautiful, forested parks, in addition to the damage to peoples’ homes and yards. Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Department (THPRD) crews worked hard to remove hazard trees and clear trails like the one in the Bluffs Park leading to Bonny Slope Elementary.

By fall, THPRD will have replanting plans ready to go for the optimal planting season. Their Nature & Trails division can provide direction for volunteer and community service projects for trail stewardship, and restoration of natural areas. CMCC will continue to work with them until fall. We’ll keep everyone updated on progress and plans.

While the Park District has a budget for replanting, the January series of severe storms will cost far above the budgeted amount. Yes, we pay taxes, but we can also help offset this one-time hit. Of course, if you’re still struggling with your own cleanup costs we’re not asking you to sacrifice, but keep your eye out for volunteer opportunities in the fall!

If you are part of a school, church, or community group that would like to help, or have other questions or ideas, contact Virginia Bruce at

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