October 2020 Development News

CVS front

CVS opening next month

CVS drive thru
The drive-thru will be on the north side of the main building.

The roadwork to create a new entrance into the center from Cornell, and provide a right turn lane from Cornell westbound to Saltzman is well underway, as those who have been caught in the traffic are well aware. The parking lot for the new store was being paved last week, and CVS will take over finishing the interior of the store soon. We weren’t able to reach them for confirmation, but the last we heard they are expecting to open “by Thanksgiving.”

CVS front

Still no word on other retailers, but a few of the offices that will be built on the second floor of “building C” have been leased to professionals. 

Karla Heights ready to build

The Karla Heights subdivision on McDaniel is progressing. A neighbor writes, “I will admit I really like the new sidewalks out of our neighborhood and into Ridge Way neighborhood. Getting lots of use out of it. (Hey, at least we got something out of this deal!)

He continued, “Model home building will begin this upcoming week. For those playing along at home that will be on lots 6 and 7. (There is a map of the lots on the signage in the Karla Heights neighborhood.) Fences should occur in the next few weeks but there is no definitive date for this yet.  Remaining sidewalks will be poured as the houses are built. Remaining houses will be built likely depending on buyer interest as the first homes are sold.”