CPO 1 News November 2020


CPO 1 November meeting

Tuesday, November 10, 7-9 pm, via zoom

Why recycling isn’t working, and how we fix it!

As reported by OPB, Oregon’s recycling system is suffering from a long list of ailments so we have invited Thomas Egleston, Manager of the Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling program, to inform you about a new plan to reform our state’s recycling system.

For the past two years, a statewide recycling steering committee has been working on how to identify and solve these problems. The proposed new strategy requires companies that sell products with paper and other packaging to help pay for solutions.

Hillsboro Far West Recycling workers look for plastic bags and plastic wraps in recycled materials to avoid jamming the sorting machine and delaying work. Photo: Monica Samayoa / OPB

In addition, confusing labels and mismatched rules across the state are leading Oregonians to put too much trash in their recycling bins. Recycling companies are struggling to sort the trash from the recyclables and find buyers for the contaminated material they receive, so a lot of it is dumped in landfills. Since China stopped buying contaminated recyclables in 2018, local governments have had to raise the price of recycling or make drastic cuts in recycling services.

We will also provide a look at the waste transfer station Metro is considering building in Cornelius. A webinar is being held for the Metro region earlier in the evening (4:30-6 pm). Learn more here. We’ll bring you more information next year.

As usual, we’ll start with Public Comments and Community Briefings (as available: Sheriff; THPRD; and TVF&R) 

October meeting recap

CPO 1 hosted an online election forum for local candidates and measures. It was very well attended, both by the candidates and representatives and by our constituents. The October meeting is available to view on YouTube here:

Neighborhood meetings

A neighborhood meeting was held for the proposed Target store. See Development News for details.

A neighborhood meeting was held on October 1 to discuss the proposed Chevron Station at West Union and 185th. It was well-attended and many questions were raised concerning the impact to the wetland and wildlife, traffic and noise, variances that are being requested, and other issues. The developer shared a list of questions and answers that I can scan and send to anyone who is interested—email me at cpo1leaders@gmail.com. At this time, the developer has not submitted the revised development application.

No new meeting notices received at this time.

Development applications

Normally, these documents would be shared at the regular CPO 1 meetings. Because we’re not meeting in person, we can share these electronically by request to cpo1leaders@gmail.com.

A preliminary review is underway for the proposal to divide the lot at NW 111th & Rainmont and build one new house.

A Preliminary Plat Review has been approved for the two-phase, 41-lot single-family residential subdivision Creekview Ridge 4 and 5, which straddles Laidlaw Road near the in-progress Creekview Ridge. Noyes is the developer. 

The application to build a single-family home at the corner of Hiller Lane and 120th has been approved with conditions.