CPO News February 2023

bauer oaks wetland map
CWS map showing all the storm drains that empty into the Bauer Oaks Open Space

Peterkort plans, Clean Water Services for February CPO

Tuesday, February 14, 7-9 pm via zoom

After the Land Acknowledgement and updates from our service providers, we’ll share any development information we have received and provide time for announcements.

bauer wetland
The Bauer Oaks Open Space is a well-functioning wetland with a healthy population of wildlife including an egret!

Daniel Rittatore, Community Engagement Manager, and Sadie Boyers, Water Resources Specialist 1 will provide an overview of the services provided by Clean Water Services. They will then discuss the role and function of wetlands, and the influence of natural systems to a healthy watershed. Bauer Oaks Open Space, the wetland area along the east side of Saltzman near the Bauer Oaks development, as well as other wetlands play a vital function in the Tualatin River Watershed. We’ll learn about how they were created, and how they are maintained.

An open, two-story food court area would separate two new retail spaces of approximately 30,000 sf and approx. 19,000 sf.

After that, we’ll be joined by Jennifer Rinkus, Baysinger Partners, who will present plans to divide the former large grocery space to accommodate multiple smaller tenants and a shared outdoor dining space. She and her team presented plans to the Central Beaverton NAC last month, since the area is inside the Beaverton city limits. But it’s an important area for Cedar Mill as well, so she’s agreed to bring the team to CPO 1. Plans have not been submitted to Beaverton’s Planning Commission, but if everything goes as planned, construction is expected to start in early 2024.

Click the zoom link to join the meeting live or watch it later on our YouTube Channel. We have been live-streaming our meetings since before COVID. Like or follow our Facebook page for timely announcements of interest to all our neighbors in CPO 1 (Cedar Mill, Cedar Hills, Bonny Slope). We think our content is too good to only share it with those who can attend on a weeknight!

Hybrid CPO meetings?

We’ve begun to explore resuming in-person meetings while continuing the live-stream zoom format (hybrid meeting). Take a brief survey and let us know your thoughts. We have enjoyed great attendance at most of our online meetings but we want to find out from our members what they prefer.

Before COVID, the county agreed to provide hybrid meeting kits, and we have one available at the Cedar Mill Library. We’re looking into whether the kit can be shared with other community groups! Stay tuned.

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