Walker Garbage offers Recycle+

We are excited to offer Recycle+, a new service offered to residential customers in urban unincorporated Washington County since July 1, 2022. Recycle+ offers collection of materials not included in standard recycling, with convenient on-call pickups, and no commitment—cancel any time. More details about the service are on our website here. If Walker is not your hauler, you can find your company by using the Garbage and Recycling Day online tool.

Materials Accepted

Plastic Film/Bags: soft, flexible polyethylene (PE) packaging. Bags must be free of food residue. Where do plastic film and bags go? Nextrex, where it is made into high performance composite decking.

Clear Plastic #1 Clamshell Containers: One-piece containers hinged on one side and stamped with #1PET or PETE. Containers must be clean of food residue. No black or other color plastic containers. Where do clamshell containers go? Green Impact Plastics, where they are turned into berry baskets.

Textiles including clothing, bed linens, and towels/rags. Where do textiles go? Pioneer Wiping Cloth, where it is downcycled into wiping cloths and rags. TIP: Consider donating usable textiles to reuse organizations.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs: A fluorescent lamp that is curved or folded to fit the space of a regular household lamp. Long fluorescent tubes used in commercial lighting are not accepted. Bulbs must be contained in a zip-sealed bag. This protects workers from mercury exposure should bulbs get broken during handling. Where do compact fluorescent light bulbs go? URT Solutions, where they are safely processed into their separate components such as mercury, aluminum, and glass, for recycling.

Once you sign up, you will receive a lidded purple bin and plastic bags from your garbage and recycling company. Sort all materials by type. Put Recycle+ materials in the plastic bags provided and place them in the purple bin. Make sure the container lid can close completely to keep materials dry.

To ensure materials are collected, make sure items are clean, sorted and bagged. Wet materials cannot be recycled in the Recycle+ program. Do not put other items in your purple bin. Items not accepted will be considered contamination and will not be picked up.


Recycle+ charges include a small base fee plus a pickup fee for each requested pickup. The Base charge (billed monthly) is $2.50. Each Curbside pickup is $9.25. See the website for additional fee information.

You can set out your Recycle+ curbside or at another location on your property, such as at your doorstep or porch (additional fees apply). If you qualify as a person with a disability as identified by Oregon state law and do not share a household with an individual capable of placing your container curbside, you can request non-curbside pickup at no extra charge. Contact your garbage and recycling company for more information.

Sign Up

Have your account information, name, address, and phone number ready, then contact your garbage and recycling company. You’ll receive a 20-gallon purple bin with a lid and bags prior to your first collection day.

Recycle+ is an on-call, every other week collection service. You must contact your garbage and recycling company to schedule a pickup at least two business days before each collection day.Your garbage and recycling company will determine your Recycle+ collection day, which may be on a different day from your standard garbage and recycling collection. Download the Garbage and Recycling Day app or use the app on the washingtoncountyrecycles.com website to view your schedule and set up your reminders. You can choose from push notifications, email or voice call reminders. Consider coordinating pickups with family, friends, or neighbors.

Contact us by phone at 503-531-6330 or through the website for questions, to request service, or for issues related to collection.