Business News March 2022

CMBA March meeting

Tuesday, March 8,12 pm-1 pm, The Ackerly at Timberland Tech Lounge, 11795 NW Cedar Falls Dr, Zoom link also available

The Cedar Mill Business Association will resume their monthly meetings in person this month! We will enjoy lunch and “speed networking”—please bring business cards to exchange with other members.

CMBA Members will receive the Zoom link through our Monthly E-Blast, so stay tuned. We invite Guests to two free visits at no charge. Please contact our admin Tammy at to receive the link to meeting information. For more information about the Cedar Mill Business Association, please visit our website.

Village Gallery of Arts

Gallery open Wednesdays-Saturdays, 10 am-4 pm, and Sundays 12-3 pm, 1060 NW Saltzman Rd.

Art Dollars for Scholars: New show open to artists of all ages!

The show will run from April 30 to May 29. No entry fee for individuals 18 and younger. Adult entry fee is $15. Pick up an entry form and substrate at the gallery.

The net proceeds from entry fees will be used toward scholarships for graduating high school seniors who are planning to continue their art education in college. Artists must use the substrates provided by the Gallery. Pick up a prospectus at the gallery or download one from our website.

Portland, by Jung-Soo Pak
Featured Artist: Jung-Soo Pak:

“Watercolor is my favorite medium. I always try to make a painting a carefree and fun experience. But at the end of each piece, I realize that there is more to learn from my mistakes, and there is beauty in every flaw. My goal is to keep moving forward and learn from each experience.”

Big and Bold: Kathy Deal:”San Miguel de Allende” acrylic.

“I’ve always loved drawing and since retiring I’ve finally had time to paint as well. I work in acrylics and my method is intuitive, rather than pre-planned. On good days, painting is meditation. The colors and shapes are drawn from nature and l never get tired of the intricacies of leaves, trees and flowers.”

The mission of Village Gallery is “to ignite the joy of learning, creating and appreciating art in our community. We support professional and emerging artists by providing high quality affordable art education to children and adults as well as providing venues for sharing their work.” Village Gallery of Arts is a non-profit (501c3) organization, receives no taxpayer money, and is staffed entirely by member volunteers.

Oak Hills Shred Day

Saturday, April 30, 7:30-10 am, Oak Hills Rec Center, 2400 NW 153rd Ave

Gather your old bills, statements, taxes, and all other sensitive documents for free and secure shredding. Coffee, barista, bagels, and donuts provided! Feel free to stick around for an update on investing in a volatile market, post-shred.

This event is hosted by The Springwater Group at Morgan Stanley and sponsored/presented by Doug Bond, Senior Regional Director at Virtus (Reframing Volatility). Shred services are provided by Shred Northwest.

Let’s talk Real Estate and how to sell in this Seller’s Market!

Saturday, March 12, 10 am, John L. Scott Real Estate Office,1800 NW 167th Pl, RVSP by March 11.

In our March seminar, we will discuss topics related to what goes into preparing a home so it sells to maximize a seller’s proceeds: how to prepare your home to go on the market, what pricing strategy to use, and how much your home might sell for.

The event will be hosted by Marie Conser, Oregon Real Estate Broker. Please RSVP to Marie at 503-459-2726.

Four tips to buying the right car at the right price

Purchasing a new car, for the first time or the tenth, can be daunting. Besides a house, it’s probably the most you’re going to pay for any single item, and it’s going to be with you for years. Here are some tips to help you on the way to getting your next car:

1. Buy used: Used cars are generally going to be more economical. Cars suffer the most depreciation in the first few years—including a big drop the moment the vehicle drives off the lot—so the goal is to find one that’s a year or two old and in good shape.

2. Arrange financing: It’s best to arrange for your loan before you go into a dealership. That affords you the time to shop around for better terms, and lets you make a decision without a high-pressure salesman sitting across from you.

Sunset Credit Union will pre-approve you and also offers what other financial institutions don’t—an ‘AutoCheck.’ You get a pre-approved loan with Sunset and they give you a blank check approved up to that amount. With AutoCheck you already know the top limit you can write the check for, but the seller doesn’t. You have the freedom to buy from a dealer, your next-door neighbor or any other vehicle you find nationwide.

3. Determine your needs: What’s this car for? How many people will it be transporting, and how far? Are you going to be in a city where parking necessitates a smaller car? Will you need to hitch something to it? Make an honest assessment of your bottom-line needs.

4. Do your research: Once you’ve narrowed things down to a few models, check reputable third-party reviews. Check out Edmunds, Consumer Reports, and Kelly Blue Book at for vehicle pricing.

Sunset Science Park Federal Credit Union is open to anyone who lives, works or attends school in Washington County. For more information or to get a pre-approved auto loan, stop by their office or visit their website. We are located at 1100 NW Murray Blvd #200, across from the Safeway center.

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