School News April 2023

Bonny Slope Elementary Kindergarten orientation

Wednesday, April 12, 5:30-7 pm, 11775 NW McDaniel-

We are excited to welcome all of our incoming Kindergartners and their families. We hope that you’ll join us and get answers to many of your questions. We look forward to meeting our new Kindy students and parents during our Kindergarten Orientation. See you then! Please contact our office if you have further questions at 503.356.2040, or click here.

Cedar Mill excels at OBOB!

On April 15, A team of fifth grade Cedar Mill Elementary students will be participating in the state competition in the Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB).

OBOB is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program for students in third-twelfth grades sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries.  OBOB encourages and recognizes students who enjoy reading to broaden their reading interests,  increase comprehension, and promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students.

Our Cedar Mill Elementary team, known as The Book Bunnies, placed second at the Regional competition in March competing against Hawksview Elementary in Sherwood, Oregon for first place.  After a tie with Hawksview, the two teams went five rounds of tiebreakers with Hawksview finishing in first place.

The location for State competition has yet to be determined.  Read on and good luck at State Competition Book Bunnies!

Host families needed for exchange students

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Host families are needed for exchange students to be a part of our local schools and community.

Hosting an exchange student is NOT about Disneyland, traveling, taking them somewhere every weekend or keeping them busy!  You don’t need to have teenagers at home. Every family (with or without kids, empty nesters, single parents, same sex couples) has something American, something unique and can make a great host family.

Hosting an exchange student IS about them just living everyday life alongside you! Catching the school bus, going to the grocery store, eating hotdogs, having Sunday lunches with extended family and just being a family member including doing chores!

Volunteer host families provide support, meals, a bed, and a loving home.

Students give you a first-hand insight to a new culture, new foods, and unique international perspectives. They have their own insurance, cell phone plans and spending/travel money.

If you’d like to gain a son or daughter in August for the upcoming school year, please contact Local Coordinator Debbi Marshall at 503-804-1755 or  

There are several local families that can serve as references and give testimony to their experience hosting with this local nonprofit and their experiences. Once a family is vetted they can see detailed pictures, emails, videos, etc. of the students.