CPO News November 2022

No November CPO 1 meeting

Our regular scheduled meeting would fall on Election Night and some of us want to pay attention to the returns, and maybe even attend some parties! We’ll be back on our regular second Tuesday for the December 13 meeting.

CPO 7 November meeting

Monday, November 14, 7 pm, via zoom

Andy Morris, LUT Project Manager for Springville Road Phase 4, will visit to explain the project, which will widen the road between Joss Avenue and the PCC Rock Creek Campus, connecting to previous projects. An Online Open House is open now, learn more and comment here.

CPO 7 represents Bethany and Rock Creek, and their meetings are on zoom also. We are welcome to attend.

Development approval for Damascus Street subdivision

Washington County Land Use issued an approval notice for the proposed three-parcel partition and future development plan for the lot at 11725 NW Damascus Street.

October CPO 1 notes

At our October meeting, we  re-elected our leadership team: Virginia Bruce as Chair, and Bruce Bartlett as Vice Chair. Bruce is serving as Recording Secretary for the time being, but please let us know if you can help us out with that! It’s hard to run a meeting and take notes at the same time!

We had a lively Election Forum with candidates from around the state and for all of our local State Senator and Representative positions, along with information on a couple of local ballot measures. Unfortunately, we lost some of the YouTube video, but you can watch two segments here.

We are working to make our recordings more reliable. We don’t get much support from the county OEICE office, but they are going to work with us to figure out how to do the simulcasting of our Zoom meetings. That’s another volunteer position that’s open if you have a decent internet connection. We can train you!

See you in December! Sign up to get our email updates here. Sign up to get on the county’s CPO 1 email list here. And like our Facebook page for timely updates. We don’t get all neighborhood meeting notices and other important information in time to publish it, so a lot of it goes to the Facebook page.