College this Fall? It’s not too late to apply for Portland Community College

by Susan Shomali, Academic and Career Advisor, Forward Focused LLC

As an academic and career advisor, I have been working with students that are preparing for college this fall. With the anticipation that many colleges and universities will be providing online-only classes for the fall 2020 term and perhaps into winter/spring 2021, some of my students are now seeking alternatives to paying higher tuition. (I do not recommend students take a gap year for 2020/2021.)

Things to keep in mind:

If you have been accepted and have committed by Early Decision to a school, keep your obligation until your degree/degrees are completed. (If your financial situation has changed due to the pandemic, please inform the financial aid office at your college/university as soon as possible, in order for adjustments to be made, if possible.)

Only take classes that will count towards your future degree (consult with an advisor at your intended four-year school).

Consider taking your required math, writing and general education classes at PCC, they will transfer to your intended four-year school and count towards your specific degree requirements.

Portland Community College’s yearly tuition based on 36 credits (full-time student) = approximately $1800 – $2000.

Portland Community College is still accepting applications for this fall term. (No essays) To apply go to:

PCC also has an early college option for Jr. and Senior.high school students.

At Forward Focused we understand that parents worry about the future success of their children. Whether you are deciding between academic programs for your K-12 student, preparing for college admissions and applications or have concerns about your student’s readiness for the future, we are here to help!