April 2023

New restaurants open now and coming soon! April 2023 Development News Si Senor begins to recover from fire Business News April 2023 When Seconds Count: Lessons Learned from a House Fire Garden News April 2023 ­­­CPO News April 2023 Park News April 2023 FLIP! A new children’s museum! April 2023 Library News Library of Things!

New restaurants open now and coming soon!

• Grand Opening of Ninja Ramen & Bento!
• Elephants Deli opening this summer on CHB
• Pop Pizza and more coming to Milltowner

April 2023 Development News

• Life Time Fitness & Work opening soon
• Wetland work on THPRD’s Laidlaw property

Si Senor begins to recover from fire

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The ceiling and roof collapsed into the main section of the kitchen, and smoke filled the building. All the food, fresh and packaged, and all the liquor will have to be discarded. Almost all of the equipment will need to be replaced.

Business News April 2023

Village Gallery of Arts 60 years logo featuring black diamond and brushstroke on red background

• Second Edition Expands Hours!
• Local author’s book is published
• Support Community Action and celebrate with us at Kaleidoscope!
• Bethany Village Easter Egg Hunt!
• Integrative Bodywork session with Sea Cummins available!
• Celebrate Youth Month at Sunset Credit Union
• Village Gallery of Arts
• Wildwood Wine Tasting
• Easter Service at Skyline Memorial Gardens!
• Youth track program

When Seconds Count: Lessons Learned from a House Fire

Did you know that home electrical fires are a top danger in the winter? What would you do if you smelled smoke in your house, but you and the fire department couldn’t find the source? My husband Bill and I are the cofounders of Cedar Hills Ready!, a local disaster preparedness group. We found ourselves in this challenging situation early this year. Our story—how neighborhood readiness helped prevent a potentially devastating fire—underscores the importance of community preparedness.

Garden News April 2023

• Japanese Beetle Eradication update
• Another harmful pest on our doorstep
• Master Gardener programs
• Gardenfest Plant Sale
• SWCD hosts spring workshops and events
• Weed Watchers
• Soil School

­­­CPO News April 2023

• April CPO1 meeting
• CPO 7 Special Event
• March meeting notes
• LUT Transportation Improvement Project Update
• Recycling Basics, Food Waste Reduction and More

Park News April 2023

• THPRD Summer registration—save the date!
• 25th Anniversary of the Nature Center and Park
• Park Development Updates
• District Events
• Volunteer Opportunities
• Nature in Neighborhoods community choice grants Idea Generating Workshops

FLIP! A new children’s museum!

FLIP: Families Learning through Inspired Play, is an effort underway to restore this important resource to families now that the former Portland Children’s Museum is no more.

April 2023 Library News

• Parent Information Series
• Kids
• Teens & Tweens 
• Programs for Adults 
• Monthly Groups for Adults
• Save year-round through Second Edition Resale!
• Find your next read at the CMBCL Library Book Sale!

Library of Things!

When you think of a library, do you think of sewing machines, musical instruments, and robots? Most people associate libraries with books and educational programs. But Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries have expanded their collection to include what they call a Library of Things. This new collection features a wide variety of items including technology, board games, and educational toys. The ability to borrow items from libraries also gives users an opportunity to try a product out before deciding to purchase it.

Summer camps

• Cedar Mill Summer Camp
• Summer camps at Lovegood!
• WashCo Bikes offers Summer Camp and classes

School News April 2023

• Bonny Slope Elementary Kindergarten orientation
• Cedar Mill excels at OBOB!
• Host families needed for exchange students

Washington County anticipates budget cuts

As our Board of County Commissioners (BCC) enters another busy budget season at Washington County, it is no secret that our County is facing tough financial challenges for fiscal year 2023-24. Community members may be hearing about a projected $25.3 million gap in revenue and expenditures in our General Fund. Many may be wondering how the County got to this point and what we are planning to do to address the issues in the short and long term. 

April 2023 Road News

• Westside Multimodal Improvements Study
• Cornell sidewalk needs work

Community News April 2023

• K9 Trials
• Arbor Month Family Friendly Tree Walk
• Trees for Cooler Schools
• Neighborhood Ready! Disaster Scenario Game
• Washington County Forum
• What you get when you call 988
• A Time for Families Weekly Forum
• WCSO Community Academy
• Curtains up! A sampling of April events at the Reser
• Young women: Explore a career as a firefighter at Portland Metro Fire Camp
• TVF&R invites local scouts to register for Scouts Day!
• Viva Village April events
• Cedar Mill Scouts Troop 207
• Ask WCSO: How can I protect myself from mail theft?
• Reser Gallery shows